The Little Red Schoolhouse  -  @ Pilchuck Learning Center

Fall 2019 Registration 
is on hold as we work to re open our new school.  Current families will be invited to register as soon as we are able to confirm an opening date.
We will host an Open House and Tour of our new campus as soon as we are able.
 Stay tuned here and like us on 
Facebook for updates.
Please call/email for information

Please feel free to call Robyn at 
360-629-2530 with any questions you 
may have about our school.

M-F Four's  and Kinder $395/month 
M/W/TH and T/W/F Four's $250/month
M/TH and T/F Three's $200/month

*link broken, you can cut and paste registration info from below*

Little Red Schoolhouse  
 @Pilchuck Learning Center
      P.O. Box 280
Stanwood, WA 98292
(360) 629-2530
Learning for Life
Registration and Enrollment Contract
Student Name:________________________________       
Primary Contact Adult:_____________________
Male:_____Female:_____ Birth Date:______________       
 Primary Phone:___________________________
Allergies:_____please ask for allergy form __________        

Mother’s name:_____________________________
Place of business:___________________________
Home phone:__________________Cell phone:__________________
Work phone:__________________

Father’s name:_____________________________
Place of business:____________________________
Home phone:__________________Cell phone:__________________
Work phone:__________________

Emergency contact other than parent/guardian:
Preschool Classes limited to 6 students and Kindergarten limited to 8.  Child must be age appropriate by August 31 and toilet trained upon entry.
Class Preference:                                                    Tuition:
Class Times: 9:30am-12:00pm      
                                                                    3’s        $200/month
3’s morning                                                 4’s        $250/month
___Monday/Thursday                                                                                                                                                5x4’s    $395/month
4’s morning 
___Monday/Wednesday/Thursday                                                                                                                                     Registration Fee:
___Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday                           $100/student, $25
                                                                     refundable until August 1.
___M-F 4’s mornings       

Please complete reverse side-Thank you!

Please read and initial indicating acceptance of the following statements:
_____Upon enrolling my child, I agree to pay full tuition for the entire school year regardless of my child’s absence from school due to vacation, illness or similar reason with the exception of early withdrawal (please see below).  Tuition is due the first school day of each month September through May.  A late fee of $10 will be charged for payment not received by the 15 of the month.
***If at any time tuition becomes a family burden please contact the preschool director to make alternative payment plans to accommodate your current temporary needs.
_____If I withdraw my child prior to the end of the year, I acknowledge I will be required to pay tuition through the current month and I forfeit the annual registration fee in full.
_____While parent volunteers are encouraged on occasion for special activities there are no required work hours; nor payment for unavailable hours due.  There are no fundraising commitments associated with student enrollment at Stanwood Camano Learning Center.
_____Students have their photos taken on a regular basis at school Please check each occasion it is NOT ok for your child’s photo to be uses.   _____Memory book _____school display   _____church display  
_____Volunteer Thank You Poster   ____School Tri-fold Flyer  
_____Unnamed in local newspaper ____School Facebook Site or Shutterfly page
_____Medical Treatment:  I hereby give permission that my child be given emergency treatment and /or be transported by ambulance or aid car to an emergency center for treatment. In the event I cannot by contacted, I further consent to medical surgical and hospital care for my child as deemed necessary by a physician to safeguard my child’s health.
Doctor’s Name:___________________________ Phone:_______________________________________
Medical Insurance Company____________________________________Phone___________

I understand and agree that neither the Stanwood Camano Learning Center, employees, nor volunteers  my be held liable in any way for any occurrence in the connection with the school, its facilities, and /or equipment that may result in injury, death or other damage to my child, myself or my family  I further understand and agree to save and hold harmless this school and theses persons from any claim by me, my child, my family, our heirs, estates or assigns, arising out of enrollment or participation in the school and to indemnify the school and these persons for an costs related to a claim made contrary to this agreement and release.
I have read and understand the terms and conditions of this contract and payment schedule.
______________________________________                  ______________________________________
Signature of Parent/Guardian                         Date                  Signature of Parent/Guardian                         Date

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